Speed Unlimited Energy Drink

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Don't hesistate in trying the Speed Unlimited Energy Drink when your urgently need an energy reboost! This drink increases physical stamina and facilitates a speed recovery, activating both your body and your mind. It frees the organism from toxins and stimulates both your circulatory and nervous systems. It contains natural caffeine, which acts as a metabolic vehicle in a much more effective, healthier way than coffee or colas. 


It's ingredients have a high energy factor: 

  • Saccharose and glucose, being the best energy source to do physical efforts. These simple forms of sugar are metabolized immediately. 
  • Taurine: acts as an essential amino acid that helps recovering the energy lost by muscles.
  • Caffeine: a mental stimulant that reduces sleepiness and the feeling of tiredness and favours the adrenalin production.
  • Cartamus extract: is a natural food coloring and flavouring. 
  • Vitamins from Group B: helps to keep physical and mental stamina 
  • Contains vitamin C, Calcium pantothenate and biotin and carbonic gas
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